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This is my personal website with my personal opinions on not-so-personal matters.  I love experiencing life in all senses of the word and I have built this site to share one of those experiences that I've grown to love - doing mathematics with kids! If you'd have told me ten years ago that I would be saying this and I would have laughed - a lot.  Who knew?


what makes me me


The most important things in my life are God and my family.  I am blessed by a loving God who wakes me up every day next to my loving wife and animals.  I live in Central California and spend my time reading, doing math, and being outside, especially in the ocean.  I love to backpack, surf, snowboard, play my drums, learn languages, SCUBA, fish, play soccer, play games, and pretty much learn anything new.


"Begin challenging your own assumptions.  Your assumptions are your windows on the world.  Scrub them off once in awhile, or the light won't come in."

-Alan Alda

Compass Desk

what I do...


I teach high school mathematics.  The day I returned from volunteering in the Republic of Palau and decided to teach math as a career I never, ever could have imagined what I was getting myself into.  Would I go back and choose something else?  Sometimes I wonder, but definitely not.  I love that I chose to teach the most hated subject in school, and I can honestly say now that I never appreciated nor really understood this fascinating subject until I actually started teaching it.  I never felt particularly bad at math, but now that I spend my days teaching it and studying it in my free time I realize that I never truly understood it.  I continue to grow in my understanding of teaching, mathematics, and teaching mathematics every day.

... and why I do it

I'm all about learning and growth.  The experiences I've had practicing and teaching mathematics have told me that math class must look different than mine did (how about yours?). I've experienced the truth myself and I must share it like the gospel.  It is just not enough for students to sit and watch someone else do mathematics; they need to experience for themselves the realities of actually doing mathematics: the imagining, the unkown, the thinking, the art, the struggle, the sleeping-on-it, the expression, the modeling, the calculating, the frustration, the perseverance, the connections, the collaboration, and ultimately the satisfaction of figuring something out and experiencing the growth that comes with this.


These are necessary experiences for today's workforce which demands thes habits of mind that can only come from the mathematics classroom.  It is my goal to give students experiences to foster this growth into the thinking individuals that we were all designed to be.

Train Station Perspectives

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not."

- Dr. Seuss